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Welcome to Homeschool Easy JW Kids!

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'Homeschool Easy JW Kids' is a Curriculum Provider supporting the Australian, New Zealand and global Homeschooling Community of Jehovah's Witnesses. We provide a wide range of resources that are based on the Bible and Theocratic principles and values. We are focused on helping Home Educators make learning experiences enjoyable by offering informative, engaging, children-friendly and Bible-friendly resources. We offer homeschool resources that feature the following:

  1. Contain the Divine Name Jehovah

  2. Publications that contain interactive and theocratic content suitable for various ages

  3. Online classrooms are accessible upon registration with Us

  4. A Curriculum Template that is editable and suitable for various ages

  5. Publications that are free from evolutionary and religious doctrines or holidays, political bias as well as Christian interfaith content and more

  6. Publications that are free from Bible-conflicting images displaying magic, violence, scary images and more.

  7. Core Programs integrating various subjects that supplement the Homeschool Curriculum.

We believe that homeschooling is the education of the future so join us using our wholesome resources and network of like-minded JW home educators and homeschoolers!

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Happy Homeschooling
   Current Resources
Zoom-based Online Classes

At present, we offer the following donation-based and fee-based real-time online classes for children of all ages. Register your interests for 2024 upcoming classes below:

  • Introduction to AROMATHERAPY for parents and children - Register

To find out more about these Zoom-based classes, please go to this Page: Zoom Classes

Online Class
Reading in a Bookstore

Wholesome Study Publications

We offer workbooks and wholesome as well as Bible-based publications that use God's name - Jehovah. These are in both printed and downloadable form and can be used as a resource in homeschooling lessons or Family Worship projects.

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Zoom-based Classes

The weekly interactive online classes are designed for homeschooled JW children of all ages. The classes are Zoom-based and are conducted by mature teachers who interact with the students in a relaxed manner.

Learning From Home

Ungraded Lesson Plans (coming soon)

Our ungraded Learning Programs are suited to all homeschooled families with one or more children. They are interactive and hands-on. They cover a few learning areas making it easier for all kids to study together at the same time.

Teacher Recording Video

External Quicklinks

We provide links to external third-party websites supporting our homeschool education for JW kids.

What's New?

"Our Ministry" Letter-writing class is available Now!
To enroll your child please Contact Us

'Nature Study Background Sounds'
For more information visit page: Study Music
"The Student's Kitchen" Zoom-based cooking class
For more information visit page: Cooking Lessons
'Aromatherapy' Short Course
For more information visit page: Aromatherapy
"My Daily Checklist: The Homeschooler's Record-keeping Diary"

This ultimate diary is a must for home educators and homeschoolers of all ages. It contains 25 essential forms and 

224 daily record-keeping pages. The printed diary is available for sale in Australia, and a downloadable 

form will be available for all international orders. The sale of this diary will cover the cost of keeping and maintaining 

this website. Thank you very much for all your orders, you can now order via the Contact page here.  

For more information go to the page 'The Homeschooler's Record-keeping Diary'

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Printed book: AU $22
Downloadable book: AU $17
Please fill out the form below to order and we will send you the payment information.


"I highly recommend "The Homeschooler's Record Keeping Diary". The transaction and delivery process was seamless and prompt and the quality exceeded my expectations. It has absolutely everything you'd need to record all the important dates throughout the year and has plenty of room on the pages for keeping thorough notes. I'm so glad that I bought these. Thank you.

Melissa, ACT Australia

'Homeschool Easy JW Kids' supports the global homeschool community of Jehovah's Witnesses with wholesome & and Bible-friendly publications and resources.
Our goal is to help safeguard our children's hearts by eliminating Bible-conflicting resources in homeschool education and providing them with a wholesome online association. 
Access to all Site's resources is voluntary donation-based,
thank you for your donation!

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