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Welcome to Homeschool Easy JW Kids!


     'Homeschool Easy JW Kids' supports JW homeschoolers in Australia, New Zealand and around the globe with affordable theocratic, Bible-based and wholesome resources supporting their Homeschool Curriculum. 

     We are a homeschooling family based in Australia who sincerely would like to help and assist families of Jehovah's Witnesses to homeschool their children in a way that honours our Creator.

     Homeschooling is a perfect arrangement in which parents can create more opportunities throughout the whole day to inculcate God's Word and moral values into their children's hearts. When our family started homeschooling, the most difficult thing was to find appropriate resources that would not conflict with the Bible's message. After years of researching and cutting out from workbooks what is inappropriate, we decided to share our resources with other families of Jehovah's Witnesses. We believe those families who were brave enough to take that step into the unknown and unpopular world of homeschooling, should be commended for having their children's best interests at heart and for making sacrifices of one sort or another. Therefore, the resources available should be as affordable as possible so as to help homeschooling families. ​
     We hope you enjoy and benefit from using this Site. However, because it is in the initial stage, the resources are still limited at present time. New content will be added progressively, so please visit us regularly to find out what is new. New content will also be marked as 'New'. We believe that homeschooling is the education of the present and future and the best choice parents can make for their children. Theref
ore, please enjoy using our resources to benefit them. To access them please visit the "Resources"  page of our Site. 

Thank you for visiting and your interest in 'Homeschool Easy JW Kids'.

Why Homeschool?
Making a Globe

     For Jehovah's Witnesses, the spiritual education of their children is of prime importance. But what better way to inculcate the Bible's Truths into their hearts than spending quality time with them all day every day? Under the homeschooling arrangements, parents have the opportunity to instil family values, good morals, concern for other people, and care for the religious and secular education of their children.

     Homeschooling allows children to learn at their own pace instead of the entire class. Children can be given one-on-one attention so they can focus more on the areas where they need extra help. This advantage eliminates stress and mental distress as there is no comparison with other children's progress. 

     Homeschooled children are relaxed, happy, self-motivated, have more balanced personalities, are free to pursue their interests, live balanced lives, and cope better with difficulties in their lives. But most of all, the homeschooling arrangement gives parents an opportunity to safeguard children's hearts, save them from bad and harmful associations, and give kids the best start in life, the best life ever!

"Homeschool Easy JW Kids" is supporting JW homeschoolers around the globe. 

We believe that homeschooling should not be expensive and so, the access to this Site's resources is donation-based.

Thank you for your donation

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