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Auslan Sign Language

Australian Sign Language

We are very pleased to offer Australian Sign Language lessons 

starting in 2024. Our sister Debbie Morgan will be taking these classes. 

Please Enroll for these classes starting from Jan 2024. 

Start: 5th February 2024

Mondays: 4:30 pm EAST

Tuesdays: 4:30 pm EAST

Thursdays: 2:00 pm EAST, 3:00 pm EAST, 4:00 pm EAST, 5:00 pm EAST

I aim to Teach AUSLAN - Australian Sign Language- to those who would like to learn basic and general skills in this versatile language.


I have a Certificate 3 after attending VicDeaf Tafe - now known as Expression Australia but for over 10 years I have had experience in the Deaf community and culture. Currently, I am in a supportive role at the Auslan Group in Seaford. My previous students have varied in age from 11 years old to 60 years old. 


The programme I am presenting will include culture, finger spelling, handshapes and sign communication to use in everyday activities. The classes are designed to suit all ages.


DISCLAIMER; I am not a professional signer or interpreter. I am hearing.

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