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Bible Lessons


These Zoom-based Bible lessons will start in the 2024 school year. Register now to book your place!

These classes will start soon.

Please Register your interest here. 

The Bible Lessons:
"Genesis to Revelation, the Ultimate Journey"


Brother Gavin from Ireland created the below 2-year curriculum. However, at this time, he will not be able to deliver

these lessons due to unforeseen circumstances.  We hope we will be able to deliver these classes soon. 

* Year 1: Hebrew & Aramaic Scriptures
  1. Quarter 1: Genesis - Exodus. Lessons on Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, and the Exodus.

  2. Quarter 2: Leviticus - 2 Samuel. Focus on the Law, Moses, the Judges and King David.

  3. Quarter 3: 1 Kings - Isaiah. Learn about Solomon, the Prophets, and the Kingdom of Israel.

  4. Quarter 4: Jeremiah - Malachi. Study the Major and Minor Prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures.

* Year 2: Christian Greek Scriptures
  1. Quarter 1: Matthew-Luke. Explore the life and teachings of Jesus in the Gospel accounts.

  2. Quarter 2: John - Acts. Dive into the book of John and the early congregation in the Book of Acts.

  3. Quarter 3: Romans - 2 Corinthians. Study Paul's letters and teachings in the early congregations.

  4. Quarter 4: Galatians - Revelation. Cover the remaining New Testament books, including Revelation. 

For each lesson, we will include discussions, questions, group activities to facilitate understanding and engagement; and homework to encourage further learning; Focus on encouraging participants to apply the teachings in their lives and much more...

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We believe that homeschooling should not be expensive and so, the access to this Site's resources is donation-based.

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