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'The Student's Kitchen'

Cooking Lessons

Australia & New Zealand


These Zoom-based Cooking lessons will start as soon as we reach the desired number of enrollments.

Enroll now to book your place!

'The Student's Kitchen'
Cooking Lessons:

Cooking lessons cover the following learning areas:

Science  I  Humanities and Social Sciences  I  Maths  I  English

We are very pleased to inform you that we now have available

cooking lessons for children of all ages.

These lessons will be easy for most kids and will require parent's

supervision and a little help. These lessons will greatly help your

children get confidence in preparing meals and even cooking for

the whole family! Our lessons are designed for easy meal preparation and gradually introduce more complex recipes. 

Our curriculum for learning cooking (that includes cooking and baking) is available on this page below. 

For more information about cooking lessons contact us.

Cost: AU $10 per session (lasts from 40 min up to 1 hour 30 min, depending on the complexity of the meal)

Day: Fridays 

Time Australia: VIC 2:30 pm, WA 12:30 pm, QLD 2:30 pm, SA 2 pm, NSW 2:30 pm

Time New Zealand: 4:30 pm 

We are currently waiting for more enrollments to start our cooking class

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2024 Curriculum for Cooking Classes

Term 2: Breakfast and Lunch

Week 1: Fruit Salad and Soft Boiled Eggs

Week 2: Frozen mango and pineapple smoothie and omelette

Week 3: Healthy Wraps

Week 4: Berry Muffins

Week 5: Ham cheese and tomato Omelette

Week 6: Egg-dipped French Toast and q Whiz-bang brekkie smoothie

Week 7: Hummus with carrot sticks and Purple berry smoothie

Week 8: Spinach and Feta cheese Muffins

Week 9: Chicken, citrus and walnut salad

Week 10: Zucchini and herb balls

Term 3: Old Favourites Meals

Week 1: Butter chicken

Week 2: Roast chicken with Roast vegetables

Week 3: Salad on the run

Week 4: Beer-battered fish and chips

Week 5: Potato pancakes and coleslaw

Week 6: Family pizza

Week 7: Roast pumpkin soup

Week 8: Zucchini plus slice

Week 9: Spaghetti bolognaise

Week 10: Egg muffins

Term 4: Healthy and Easy Snacks and Deserts

Week 1: Nut bars

Week 2: Raw superfood Energy balls

Week 3: Sweet pumpkin pancakes

Week 4: Vegan chocolate/vanilla chia pudding

Week 5: Cranergy balls

Week 6: Zucchini and herb balls

Week 7: Make your wrap

Week 8: Rainbow salad

Week 9: Egg salad sandwiches

Week 10: Egg and couscous bowl

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