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'Homeschool Easy JW Kids' is the homeschool curriculum of the Australian, New Zealand

and the international community of Jehovah's Witnesses homeschooling their children.

We have been adding new information progressively. 

Please visit this page regularly for new resources.

Homeschool Textbooks - excellent workbooks and resources for early years, primary and secondary levels -Australian Homeschooling Series workbooks

After a long search, we finally found a website where home educators can source great workbooks for primary and secondary levels from 'the homeschooling series'. Some of these have a minimum amount of bad images which is fantastic! If you find a bad image, you may simply cut it out from the workbook. You can preview each workbook before purchasing. From our experience, we have found that a combination of interest-based activities, good workbooks and Zoom-based classes offers a good home-based education!

Other Homeschooling Resources - free art lesson plans - free educational resources -  Science, art, engineering and more Boxes subscription - Science, art, engineering and more Boxes subscription - Letter writing templates, games, theocratic education resources and more - Australian-based digital resource for interactive learning in Australian geography, Australian history, Bullying is not okay, and Mammals - Online English & Maths complete curriculum for all grades - Free online Maths and English, plus other learning areas. Have explanatory videos

"Homeschool Easy JW Kids" is supporting JW homeschoolers around the globe. 

We believe that homeschooling should not be expensive and so, the access to this Site's resources is donation-based.

Thank you for your donation

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