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Digital Art & Design

Didital Art & Design:

We are very pleased to offer Graphic Design lessons starting in 2024.

Our sister Lynn Lipple who is a professional graphic designer who

will be taking these classes. 

Please Enroll for these classes starting from Jan 2024. 

The Art Design course delves into the world of digital art, starting with the art principles that guide Art Design.  We will look at the fundamentals of graphic design, including the elements that make it up.  As we progress in the course, we will start to use digital software that utilises the principles we've learned, and start to develop digital art including things like flyers, posters, cartoons, drawings and animations.

We will also later delve into other digital technologies like web design principles and things like print design.

There will be practical art being applied each week, but it will be about the art elements we are learning. 

Each week the student will have a fun assignment to solidify the lessons learnt.  

Graphic Design
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