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History Lessons


These Zoom-based History lessons will start in the 2024 school year. Register now to book your place!

The History Lessons:

Children of different ages are invited to enroll into this class.

These lessons are interactive and very interesting. Children 

use the Bible during the class and learn how Bible prophecies

tie in with the world events. 

To enroll for history lessons enroll here

or email: 





Brother Andrew from New Zealand takes the History lessons based on the following 2-year curriculum:

History 101 Topics (year 1):

Lesson 1.1: In the Beginning
Lesson 1.2: The First Humans
Lesson 1.3: Farmers and Cities
Lesson 1.4: Ancient Egypt
Lesson 1.5: Assyria and Babylon
Lesson 1.6: Persia
Lesson 1.7: Classical Greece
Lesson 1.8: Alexander the Great
Lesson 1.9: Rome vs Carthage
Lesson 1.10: Caesar in Gaul
Lesson 1.11: The Republic Becomes an Empire
Lesson 1.12: The Roman Empire
Lesson 1.13: The First Century
Lesson 1.14: China and the Silk Road
Lesson 1.15: The Rise of Christendom
Lesson 1.16: The Fall of the Western Empire
Lesson 1.17: The Dark Ages and Feudalism
Lesson 1.18: Arabs and Vikings
Lesson 1.19: The World of 1000 C.E.
Lesson 1.20: The Crusades
Lesson 1.21: Mongols, Polo, and the Plague
Lesson 1.22: Feudal Japan and China
Lesson 1.23: Arc, Gutenberg, and Columbus
Lesson 1.24: Protestants, Elizabeth, and Armadas
Lesson 1.25: The New World
Lesson 1.26: The Renaissance
Lesson 1.27: Pioneers, Navigators, and Explorers
Lesson 1.28: The American Revolution
Lesson 1.29: The French Revolution
​Lesson 1.30: The Napoleonic Wars
Lesson 1.31: Napoleon's 100 Days
Lesson 1.32: The Industrial Revolution
Lesson 1.33: The 19th Century British Empire
Lesson 1.34: Uniting the States of America
Lesson 1.35: The American Civil War
Lesson 1.36: The Close of the 19th Century

History 202 Topics (year 2):

Lesson 2.1: The Dawn of the 20th Century
Lesson 2.2: 20th Century Explorers
Lesson 2.3: The Great War of 1914
Lesson 2.4: Russian Revolution & the Soviet Union
Lesson 2.5: Post Great War
Lesson 2.6: The 1920's and the Great Depression
Lesson 2.7: Nazi Germany
Lesson 2.8: The 1930's
Lesson 2.9: Japan and the League
Lesson 2.10: WW2: Blitzkrieg 1939-1940
Lesson 2.11: WW2: The Battle of Britain
Lesson 2.12: WW2: Barbarossa
Lesson 2.13: WW2: The Tide Turns
Lesson 2.14: WW2: Resistance and Plots
Lesson 2.15: WW2: Victory in Europe
Lesson 2.16: WW2: Defeat of Japan
Lesson 2.17: Holocaust and Nuremberg
Lesson 2.18: The Iron Curtain and Korea
Lesson 2.19: Cold War and Spies
Lesson 2.20: The Space Race and Cuba
Lesson 2.21: Israel and the Middle East
Lesson 2.22: The American Dream and Civil Rights
Lesson 2.23: The Vietnam War
Lesson 2.24: From Ireland to Iran
Lesson 2.25: Apartheid and Chernobyl
Lesson 2.26: The End of the Soviet Union
Lesson 2.27: A New World Order
Lesson 2.28: Dawn of the 21st Century
Lesson 2.29: The War on Terror
Lesson 2.30: The Arab Spring and Refugees
Lesson 2.31: Climate Change
Lesson 2.32: Covid-19 and Pandemics
Lesson 2.33: A New Cold War?
Lesson 2.34: The Kings of the North and South
Lesson 2.35: History Review and Timeline


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