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Homeschool Information


'Homeschool Easy JW Kids' is the homeschool curriculum of the Australian, New Zealand

and the international community of Jehovah's Witnesses homeschooling their children.

We have been adding new information progressively. 

Please visit this site often as we add new content.

Homeschool Registrations
International: - New Zealand - USA - USA based New System School for Jehovah's Witnesses - USA based non-profit organization for Jehovah's Witnesses

Australia: - AYCE program for high school students (Yea High School Students)

Homeschooling general information - Home Education Network - Australia-based homeschooling community (for students living in Melbourne, VIC)

Free Teacher Card from 'Museums Victoria' in VIC, Australia

If you are a home educator who lives in the State of Victoria in Australia, you are entitled to a free 'Teacher Card' from 'Museums Victoria'. You can email to register and claim a free teacher card by visiting in person.


Quick-links to external Sites - free colour-in projects - midweek meeting worksheets - self guided tours of biblical sites

"Homeschool Easy JW Kids" is supporting JW homeschoolers around the globe. 

We believe that homeschooling should not be expensive and so, the access to this Site's resources is donation-based.

Thank you for your donation

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