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Science Lessons


These Zoom-based Science lessons are available for the 2024 school year. Register now to book your place!

Science Lessons:

This class is interactive and children are involved as much as possible

in different topics each lesson. Brother Paul keeps children interested

by using visual aids, educational videos and slides and refers to the

Bible as much as possible. 

For more information about these science lessons contact us:

Register here

These Zoom-based classes are available for younger children 7-10 and older children 10 and over.


Classes for younger students (7-10) are available on Mondays:

NZ: 11 am, 4 pm

NSW: 9 am, 2 pm

VIC: 9 am, 2 pm

WA: 6 am, 12 noon

QLD: 8 am, 2 pm


Classes for older students (10+) are available on Mondays: 

NZ: 1 pm, 3 pm

NSW: 11 am, 1 pm

VIC: 11 am, 1 pm

WA: 8 am, 11 am

QLD: 10 am, 1 pm

Brother Paul from New Zealand who is a regular pioneer takes the Science lessons based on the following curriculum:

Science Subjects:
  1. The water cycle (Biology)

  2. Chemical compounds (Chemistry)

  3. Acids and Bases (Chemistry)

  4. Human effects on local habitats (General)

  5. Seed germination-monocots & dicots (Biology)

  6. Seasons & moon phases/rotations & orbits (Physics)

  7. Telescopes & astronomers (Physics)

  8. Simple machines (Physics)

  9. Bacteria & disease (Biology)

  10. Body systems - digestion & respiration (Biology)

  11. Solutions (Chemistry)

  12. An introduction to organic chemistry (Chemistry)

  13. Life cycles (Biology)

  14. Practical - Forming a hypothesis and writing a scientific report (General)

  15. Animal relationships (Biology)

  16. Mineral ores (General)

  17. Optics & diffraction (Physics)

  18. Rates of reaction (Chemistry)

  19. Famous scientists/ The scientific principle (General)

  20. Scientific reporting/classifying living things (General/Biology)

  21. Atomic structure (Chemistry)

  22. Minerals & rocks (General)

  23. States of matter (Chemistry)

  24. Pure substances & mixtures (Chemistry)

  25. Types of forces, Gravity (Physics)

  26. Osmosis & basic plant biology (Biology)

  27. Cell structure (Biology)

  28. Metals, semimetals, non-metals, and their properties (Chemistry)

  29. Genetics & selective breeding (Biology)

  30. Chemical reactions (Chemistry)

  31. Energy-Kinetic & potential (Physics)

  32. Chemical energy & heat. Alternative energy sources(Chemistry/Physics)

  33. Mineral ores & fossil fuels (General)

  34. Cell division-mitosis & meiosis (Biology)

  35. The properties of matter - part 2 (Chemistry)

  36. Electrical circuits (Physics)

and much more!

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