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Ungraded Core Programs


We provide ungraded Core Programs which may be used in families with more than one child. These cover different lessons and are divided into lesson plans. 

Current Core Programs
Reading in a Bookstore

Bible and Principle-based Study Publications


We offer Bible-based publications which use God's personal name - Jehovah. These are in both printed and downloadable form and can be used as a resource in homeschooling lessons or Family Worship projects.

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Online Classes

The weekly interactive online classes are designed for homeschooled JW children of all ages. The classes are Zoom-based and are conducted by a qualified teacher who emails the students their worksheets for each lesson.

Teacher Recording Video

External Quicklinks


We provide links to external 3rd-party videos and websites supporting our Bible-based education.

'Homeschool Easy JW Kids' supports the global homeschool community of Jehovah's Witnesses with Bible-based publications and theocratic-based resources.
Our goal is to help safeguard our children's hearts by eliminating Bible-conflicting resources in homeschool education and providing them with a wholesome online association. 
Access to all Site's resources is donation-based, we appreciate your contribution.

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